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April 18, 2017

The power of Hydr8 Body cream

Hydr8 Body cream

The power of Hydr8 Body cream

It’s wrong to assume that only individuals with excellent genes can have beautiful skin. Of course, there are many people who are not taking special care of their skin and still, their skin looks amazing. But, this doesn’t mean that other people can’t achieve the same effect. One of the things that every individual can do is to use a specially designed body cream. Hydr8 Body is one good example of a cream like this. The fact you can add a Serum to it make it even more powerful.

What makes Hydr8tm Body special?

Medik8 is a well-established brand that has a wide range of products on its offer. Their Hydr8 Body cream is a soft, refreshing body cream that has the ability re-hydrate your chapped and dry skin quickly. One of the main reasons why this body cream is so effective is the content. Namely, this cream is based on an ideal combination of cocoa butter, natural glycerin, and so-called moisture magnets, specially designed compounds by Medik8. Each of these ingredients is good for the skin, but when they are mixed together in the right way, the effects are incredible.

Hydr8tm Body is able to keep the water in the skin by establishing connections between tiny water-absorbing molecules and skin binding locations. This means that the effects are not just temporary. In addition, thanks to the presence of these ingredients, this body cream can protect the suppleness of the skin even when the weather is cold and windy. It’s also worth mentioning that this product strengthens the skin lipid barrier that protects the skin. The best part is that users can expect the results in just a half an hour. All it takes is to apply Hydr8tm Body cream two times a day.

If you want to improve the condition of your skin, it’s the best idea to use a few other helpful products that complement Hydr8tm Body. These are actually skin hydration serums that target a wide range of skin conditions., which you can add to the cream and use it all over your body.

Hydr8 B5

Hydr8 B5 contains vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid which can maintain the moisture in the skin for 24 hours. This product is usually used to address dry skin and oily skin issues. According to the manufacturer, the serum also has powerful anti-inflammatory, healing, and anti-itching properties.

Red Alert serum

Skin redness is a common problem in people of all ages. Climate change, allergies and having a sensitive skin are the most common causes of this common skin problem. But, with the help of Red Alert serum, you can resolve this issue. Namely, Red Alert serum supports calming and relieving irritated skin, strengthens the defensive barrier of the skin and eases flushing. It actively reduces the appearance of skin redness.

Retinol 3 TR

If you are looking for a product that will help you reduce your wrinkles and fine lines that you can’t go wrong with Medik8\s Retinol. Based on vitamin A, this anti-aging serum will provide the first results quite fast. It contains a small amount of retinol and tocopherol acetate for the best effects.


Finally, this vitamin-based product is here to keep the skin safe from the negative effects of free radicals which often lead to premature skin aging. With its help, users can keep the ideal levels of elastin and collagen and reduce pigmentation marks.

Use these products for a smooth, soft, rejuvenated skin!


Get Rid of Dark Circle, Dark rings, Pigmentation permanently and easy

Eye Dark Circle Removal Cream

 In this rapidly growing self-conscious generation, every other person wants to look flawless. Despite the women, the percentage of beauty conscious men has also grown to a great extent. After all, who would want dark circles under the eyes to ruin their perfect date? Sadly, looking after one's skin and keeping it pure from unhealthy products, has become a challenging task to pursue in today's era. This is majorly due to the unhealthy lifestyles that we are enforced to follow.  Dark circles, dark rings, and pigmentation are a pure sign of an unfit body.

What are dark circles, dark rings, and pigmentation?

Dark circles are usually marked as dark blemishes beneath the eyes, whereas dark rings can also be found under the nose or around the neck. But usually, the round blackish spots around the eyes are referred to as dark circles or rings. That little puffiness around the eye area is also a part of the dark circles. This is a very common problem among the old aged people but it is very likely to affect both men and women of almost all ages. This puffiness of the eyes is frequently described as 'tired eyes' and has numerous causes. While dark circles, targets the face, pigmentation targets various parts of the body. If you have uneven brown patches on not only the face but also the hands, feet and shoulder areas, you are most likely to suffer from pigmentation and not dark rings. These aging dark spots usually strike in old ages. But many reasons can cause pigmentation to occur while being still young and healthy. Let's talk about the ever growing topic in detail; the causes of pigmentation and dark circles

What causes Dark Circles?

One needs to be aware of the things that are stealing the health and freshness of many beautiful faces. According to many experts, possible dark circles causes include issues related to facial aging, lifestyle choices, and various other causes.

Sleep deprivation: According to a research, lack of sleep is the major cause of dark circles especially in the young generation.

Oversleeping: In contrast to sleep deprivation, sleeping at odd hours or getting oversleep is another cause of this problem.

Heredity: While some say sleeping disorders is the major cause, other argue that these dark circles are nothing but an inherited trait.

Age. With age, the skin starts becoming thinner which is likely to magnify the appearance of the dark spots on the body.

Stress: A person, whose day is full of worries and tensions is more likely to develop dark circles than a stress-free person.

Allergies: Nasal congestion can dilate the blood vessels that drain from many parts of the body especially the area around the eyes, causing them to darken.

Smoking and Drinking: Excessive smoking or drinking are most likely to contribute to under-eye circles. People who take in excessive caffeine encounters difficulty getting enough sleep. Such a lifestyle brings nothing but eye rings.

Deficiencies: Iron deficiency ir-regulates the blood flow keeping the eye tissues from getting sufficient oxygen and hence causing puffiness and swelling.

Water retention: Less intake of water enhances many illnesses. Dark circles are one of them.

Excessive exposure to the sun: Sun exposure produces more melanin. Melanin is the most frequent cause of dark circles.

Infections: Infections such as Periorbital cellulitis and Mononucleosis are another cause.

Medical conditions: One can get dark circles due to biological problems such as eczema and thyroid problems.

Other causes of under eye circles include:

⦁    Fatigue

⦁    Crying

⦁    Trauma

⦁    Excess salt in taking

⦁    Dietary deficiencies

What Causes Pigmentation?

The pigment in skin that produces color is known as 'melanin.' When the body produces increased levels of melanin, pigmentation is most likely to occur. Excessive melanin could be a result of over exposure to the sun, hormonal changes in the body, big injuries etc. Heredity is also one cause. Many dermatologists say that freckles and birthmarks are pure signs of pigmentation and are nothing but inherited traits. There are a number of diseases that adds to the production of melanin hence leading to hyper pigmentation (A common type of pigmentation). These diseases include:

⦁    Addison's disease in which hormones that stimulate melanin synthesis are frequently elevated.

⦁    Acanthosis nigricans

⦁    Melasma or commonly known as patchy hyperpigmentation

⦁    Acne scarring

⦁    Aromatase deficiency

⦁    Nelson's syndrome

⦁    Grave's disease

⦁    Smoker's melanosis

⦁    Celiac disease

⦁    Tinea fungal infections such as ringworm

⦁    Inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Other reasons resulting in pigmentation are, Linea nigra which is a hyperpigmented line found on the abdomen during pregnancy, Haemochromatosis which is a genetic disorder characterized by the accumulation of iron in the body, mercury poisoning which is usually a result of the application of skin-whitening creams and Exposure to chemicals such as salicylic acid.


Keeping aside everything, peek into this best part! You can always treat your skin to flush away the dark circles and the hyperpigmentation. However, if you have a heredity reason, you may consult your dermatologist for an elaborate treatment. Most of the people treat the dark circles with medicated ointments suitable for their skin while others prefer the use of homemade herbal remedies.

Some of the most common and effective ointments are:

 Dark Circles eye awakening concealer:

It is one of the best selling products of Medik8 that consists of a concentrated formula to reduce dark circles, puffiness. It evens out the skin tone.

Neurinomas dark circle corrector:

This serum prevents the accumulation of melanin and targets the dilated blood vessels that release heme; the greatest cause of visible circles around the eye. It lessens the darkness and wrinkles to a great extent. Prolonged use o this medicine may cause your dark circles to permanently fade away.

Medik8's White Balance Click:

This cream has the best pigmentation controlling formula. It not just reduces the appearance of pigmentation but also smoothness the overall skin tone.

Eco beauty cream- Oriflame:

This product even outs dark spots and without bothering your skin and makes your skin flawless and fresh.


Homemade Remedies:

Those who have really sensitive skin and are always afraid to use any kind of medicated ointment on their skin should use home remedies which are least irritating and non allergic to all the skin types. A few well effective remedies are discussed below.

  1. Tomatoes have bleaching properties that can lighten the skin's complexion.

. Take one teaspoon of tomato juice and mix it with one and a half teaspoon of lemon juice.

. Rub the mixture on dark circles and leave for 10 minutes.

. Then clean it with cold water.

. Apply the mixture twice a day for 2-3 weeks.


  1. Use of Rose Water is a natural way to reduce the dark circles and to provide a soothing effect to the tired eyes. It also works as a skin toner.

. Soak cotton balls in rose water for some time.

. Place them on your eyes and sit for 15 minutes.

. Continue this remedy for 2-3 weeks.


  1. Cucumber is not only used to eat but also to fix those puffy eyes you don't like. They are refreshing and soothing.

. Slice a chilled a cucumber and place the slices on the dark circles for 10 minutes.

. Then wash the area with water.

. Follow this remedy twice a day for one week.


  1. Aloe Vera is one of the best herbal remedies for skin pigmentation.

. Mix 2 tablespoon of aloe vera with half tablespoon of raw honey

. Gently apply it to your skin and leave for 20 minutes.

. Wash thoroughly with lukewarm water.

. Apply it every day for 2-3 weeks and see the results.


  1. Stop throwing orange peels in the garbage. They are enriched with vitamin C which is really beneficial for our skin.

. Grind the orange peels into powder form and dry them in sunlight.

. Mix it with 1 teaspoon of lemon juice, 1 teaspoon of milk and one teaspoon of honey in a bowl.

. Apply the mixture to your skin and leave for 20 minutes.

. Then wash the paste off with water.


Pursue these remedies for some time after which those dark spots will start to fade away.


One should always look up for prevention rather than making use of medication and other treatments. In case of dark circles and pigmentation, one should get proper and sufficient sleep. A good sleep prevents you from a thousand illnesses. The increased water intake is equally important. In case you drink or smoke a lot, quit that habit as it is not at all good for your skin and health. Apart from that, protect yourself from the exposure of the sun. Those ultraviolet radiations are not what you need. Most importantly, try to live a happy and a worrisome life which is the secret ingredient to a healthy body and a perfectly flawless face.


September 06, 2015

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